What types of Work Experience Would be Most Beneficial while Obtaining a Degree in Criminal Justice?

If you want to jump start your career in the field of criminal justice, one of the best things to do is obtain work experience while obtaining a degree in Criminal Justice. If you review the requirements of both public and private employers in this field, you will find that some require candidates to have a degree, some require applicants to have work experience and others require both. There is a very common problem throughout the employment market concerning work experience, and the problem is that it is difficult to get a job without experience but you cannot gain experience without your first job.

In criminology, there are ways to land the perfect job as you study that can help you once you are a graduate. Even without any professional experience in Criminal Justice, there are ways to satisfy employment qualifications with the experience that you attain in college. When you are studying the discipline in college, you will develop the written, oral, interpersonal, analytical and research skills that you need to be a valuable asset in criminology. This is how you can market yourself for an entry-level position even without prior field experience. Here are some of the entry-level positions and internships that will help you build your work experience:

Applying for Internships for College Credit and Experience

The first thing that you can do to gain criminal justice experience is complete an internship. There are no work experience requirements to become an intern, but the experience that you gain will be invaluable. If you are not sure where to look for opportunities, start by checking with the college that you are currently attending. You can also check through police stations, mental health facilities, juvenile justice centers, homeless shelters, refuge centers and counseling centers for other opportunities that will help you get experience as a student.

Entry-level Jobs in Criminal Justice

Wouldn’t it be great to have a job in the field you are majoring in before you even graduate from school? If you want to get experience and make money in the process, there are a variety of positions that you can apply for. You will need to look for positions where a degree is not required and that offer you somewhat flexible scheduling options. Some of job options where a degree is not a requirement include: loss prevention, police dispatch, paralegal, private security and Transportation Security. Each of these positions do not require a degree and offer flexible schedules for students who are actively enrolled in a Criminal Justice program. Consider which route you would like to go, and choose a position in that field.

Many students worry that they will not be able to find a job once they graduate. If you are worried about this, you will be happy to hear that many sectors of criminal justice have a very positive job outlook where employment is predicted to grow by 18% or more. This means that the supply of graduates that are expected to graduate in the upcoming years will be able to find open positions. Your best bet in securing a position is to get work experience while obtaining a degree in criminal justice.