What Criminal Justice Jobs Involve Cyberterrorism?

There are many criminal justice jobs that involve cyberterrorism. The FBI states that they are leading the national effort to stop cyberterrorism and related major crimes. There are many criminal justice jobs available through the Department of Homeland Security at agencies like the FBI and the National Security Agency (NSA).

Cyber Security Analyst

A cyber security analyst works collaboratively with other IT experts to detect and respond to security incidents. During a security event, they follow procedures to alert for task teams, mobilize resources and participate in security investigations. Their basic job is to monitor, research and classify security events that occur on networks or individual computers. They must have a strong familiarity with the principles of end user security and security management.

They also need to maintain an awareness of current and emerging threat and attack trends. Those who work for the FBI must have a working knowledge of Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance (EGRC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools. They document and present post action reports to management regarding data breaches, detected security incidents and security log analyses.

Computer Forensic Examiner

Official known as computer forensic examiners (CFE), these FBI professionals are vital members of the security investigative teams. They are the ultimate experts in investigating and recovering data that has been stored on computers, cellphones and storage media devices. These IT professionals use cutting edge data recovery tools to uncover hidden or protected data that is related to financial crimes, terrorist activities, child exploitation and other criminal activities.

They maintain awareness of new technologies and information storage techniques in order to successfully recover data from damaged or deleted media devices, such as laptops and cell phones. They receive continual training regarding new digital forensic tools and changing industry standards. They often are asked to assist decoding encrypted messages that are intercepted by intelligence analysts and help investigate the methods used by criminals for data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Cyber Action Team Member

The FBI’s Cyber Action Team is one of the primary groups who are charged with keeping the country’s information systems safe and functional. Although the FBI is tasked with internal national security, the Cyber Action Team often deploys tactical teams and intelligence personnel to locations around the world. Within hours of a major threat, the teams are mobilized and deployed to any global location to investigate cyber terrorist activities that compromise government security.

These teams include security experts and intelligence analysts who investigate the confiscated computers of criminal and terrorists to retrieve critical information. They also investigate government information systems that have been compromised and examine digital crime scenes using digital forensic techniques. The security technicians on these teams also partner with academic and industry groups to create rigorous security systems and better understand malicious code designers.

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Additional criminal justice jobs that involve cyberterrorism include intrusion analysts who provide system and network-level intrusion detection and prevention services. They research and recommend techniques and countermeasures to minimize network intrusions and vulnerabilities.