What Careers are in ICE?

For those interested in pursuing a law enforcement-based career securing the interior of the United States, there are many available careers in immigration and customs enforcement. Working for ICE, you will contribute to the core mission: “the enforcement of more than 400 federal statutes, and focuses on smart immigration enforcement, preventing terrorism and combating the illegal movement of people and trade.” So, to get on with the mission, let’s look at some of the careers awaiting here.

Criminal Investigator

Criminal investigation is perhaps one of the foremost, core applications of absolutely all ICE endeavors. At the center of these investigations are the agency’s criminal investigators. These professionals seek and are provided with guarded information regarding possible, ongoing criminal offenses. They can then surveil and confirm or dismiss this information. If criminal activity is then confirmed, law enforcement intervention is subsequently planned and facilitated in order to stop it.

Detention and Deportation Officer

The detention and deportation officer’s duties are more focused on the responsible, physical possession of criminals and illegal aliens apprehended and taken into custody by the agency. These officers facilitate the movement and management of all such physical assets. In addition, they will often be involved in proactive improvement endeavors spearheaded by the agency for the purposes of better efficiency and improved outcomes in detention and deportation management.

Deportation Liaison Officer

The often grey area between US law and foreign law is one that ICE must deal with regularly in matters of illegal alien deportation and its associated foreign diplomacy. In short, the deportation liaison officer must juggle this mix of international, US, and foreign law throughout the deportation process. Officers working in this capacity are also occasionally subject to overseas, long-term assignments relative to these core goals.

Medical Officer

Medical officers represent some of those careers in immigration and customs enforcement that are not all that commonly known. The ICE medical officer is responsible for the medical well-being of ICE detainees. These doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals work under the title of medical officer and provide all modern care due detainees in need while in custody. In addition, senior-most medical officers often go into management positions within the agency, actually overseeing such medical operations.

Management and Program Analyst

ICE management and program analysts work to continuously find ways in which to improve any and all ICE initiatives. This is a sort of management position blended with progressive analyst practices. Matters of personnel, management technique, functions and meetings, departmental procedures, best practices, and more all fall under the all-improving eye of the management and program analyst. Inspection, investigation, proposals, and travel time are also key elements close to the heart of this vocation.

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If you are truly considering a career with ICE, you must go to USA Jobs for all agency employment listings. The ICE website itself does not provide vocational information, but instead, refers job-searchers to USA Jobs, the government job listing website with which it posts its positions. Good luck with your search within the many different careers in immigration and customs enforcement – you are certainly needed here.