What Careers are in Criminal Justice Management?

People may have a limited understanding of the vast array of careers in criminal justice management and what jobs fall under this category. What many may not understand is that criminal justice administration, as it is also known, covers any position that oversees the management of resources, personnel or incarcerated personnel in relation to performing duties to uphold the law. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular careers to be included in this respectable field, according to the Law Dictionary.

Police Officer

One of the first career paths that comes to mind in association with criminal justice is that of a police officer. These law enforcement pros are actively involved in the prevention of crime and the apprehension of those who break the law. Officers are needed in towns and cities of all sizes throughout the nation. Training is quite in-depth, covering such topics as law, ethics, cultural awareness and weapons safety.

Security Guard

Security guards often work to aid police officers in the prosecution of crime. They are hired to monitor the safety and security of buildings, as well as those who utilize these spaces. Guards may be employed in private corporations, entertainment arenas, malls or any location that requires monitoring. Sometimes training may be offered by an employer upon hire.

Probation Officer

Probation officer is another of the most popular careers in criminal justice. In this job, you would be charged with monitoring recent parolees during their probation period. You would assist these individuals to help them adjust to living in their communities and to ensure they abide by the terms of their probation.

Fish and Game Warden

Working as a fish and game warden for one of the nation’s numerous national parks, public waterways, wildlife reserves or other type of protected nature entity may be an ideal position for you if you enjoy spending time in the outdoors. Professionals working in this capacity are in charge of ensuring that natural habitats of the organization they serve and the public who visit are kept safe. Knowledge of both criminal justice and the biological sciences are utilized in this job.

Computer Forensics Investigator

If you would like to combine your interest in upholding the law with a passion for technology, pursuing a career as a computer forensics investigator might be a logical choice. Those in this position use their knowledge of computer information technology to provide evidence of electronic crime. Such professionals are able to use their computer skills to uncover information others thought was lost. Such information can be key evidence in legal proceedings.

Correctional Officer

These law enforcement personnel work in prisons, juvenile detention centers and other such facilities to aid in the rehabilitation of incarcerated individuals. In addition, correctional officers monitor the activities of the facility’s population in order to maintain order and ensure safety.

US Postal Inspector

A position as a postal inspector for the United States government is a highly specialized one that utilizes investigative and forensic techniques to solve crimes involving the US mail. Such crimes can be related to identity theft, fraud, vandalism or stealing.

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These are merely an example of the kinds of careers available for those with an interest in the legal system. Careers in criminal justice are actually quite vast and cover a wide range of specialty areas.