How Do You Become a CIA Analyst?

Have you ever wondered how does one become a CIA analyst? With the CIA captivating the news, especially as former agents come forward to discuss how it was to have a top-secret job, it is an important question to ask. Here is the information that you will need to know to help you get a job as an analyst at the CIA.

The Requirements

Candidates for the role of CIA analyst must be US citizens; citizens who have been naturalized may also be considered. Potential candidates must also hold at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The field in which the degree was conferred can vary, as the CIA has a variety of analysts they use; however, those with a bachelor’s degree in international relations, foreign affairs, or national security are preferred by the agency. The CIA also prefers candidates who have fluency in at least one foreign language. Candidates must also demonstrate a wide variety of hard and soft skills, including writing, communication, and decision-making skills.

Medical And Psychological Evaluation

Candidates are required to undergo medical and psychological evaluation; the results of these evaluations will then be reported to the agency. The medical evaluation may include a PT test, which will cover a candidate’s physical fitness; in most cases, an annual physical evaluation will suffice for this position. The psychological evaluation is generally done by a psychologist that has worked with the CIA before; it is conducted to ensure that the candidate does not have mental issues, that they handle stress well, and can also focus on any psychological issues that may arise.

Background Check

Following the medical and psychological evaluations, the candidates will undergo a thorough background check. This can include a criminal background check, a credit check, and a cursory check to ensure that any and all information provided by the candidate during the interview is accurate. Because candidates who have a criminal history or who have poor credit are unqualified to serve in the CIA, the check serves as a vetting tool for the agency. Only those candidates who have cleared the background check will move on to the final step before being fully admitted into the agency.

Polygraph Examination

The polygraph examination is delivered after the candidate has gone through the interview, the medical checkup, the psychological evaluation, and the background check. It is the last step a candidate has to undergo prior to getting a job offer from the CIA. The polygraph is administered to gauge a candidate’s truthfulness when answering questions about patriotic duty, the chance of defection to a foreign power, and more. While it is the last step of the process in becoming a CIA analyst, it is also the most important because it shows the CIA what the analyst might say when under various levels of duress. Candidates who do not pass the polygraph portion of the interview process are rarely accepted into the agency.

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The CIA is the first and best defense against foreign interference and action against the United States. It is therefore critical that the agency accepts only the best analysts to their ranks. Because candidates are tasked with the enormous responsibility of protecting the country, they must be strong, patriotic, and adept at their work, according to Business Insider. Now that you understand the process of how to become a CIA analyst, you can choose to apply now or take the necessary steps in order to qualify for a spot at the agency.