Can You Get a Criminal Justice Degree with a GED?

Many individuals who have completed their GEDs decide to return to school for a higher education. One of the most popular majors for individuals with a GED is criminal justice. But this leaves the question of whether a GED is enough to get accepted into a criminal justice program. Here are some tips on applying to a criminal justice program with a GED.

GED and College Acceptance

The GED is generally accepted in the work force as an alternative to a high school diploma. It shows that the individual has attained a level of education that is similar to having completed a high school diploma. However, the views on GEDs are a little bit different when it comes to higher education. To college admissions officers, a GED shows that the individual was not interested enough in his secondary education to complete it. It can show a lack of interest in education or motivation to work towards an education.

For this reason, many universities do not accept students on the basis of a GED. SA few universities still accept GEDs, and this can be assessed from the particular university’s admissions website. But generally, a GED will not be enough to prove that a student is ready to enter university. Fortunately, there are things that a person can do to make their application stand out to admissions officers, even with a GED.

Making an Application College Ready

As mentioned, a GED is often not enough to convince an admissions officer that you are ready for higher education. There are some things that you can do to prove that your next adventure in education will be successful. Taking the ACT and SAT, along with SAT II Subject Tests, is a good idea. These tests show advanced knowledge in several key academic areas, including math, language, and the sciences. They also show that the applicant has the ability to reason at an advanced level that is appropriate for a unviversity student. There are many courses available to help you prepare for these standardized tests, and they include self study books tutoring, and in person classes.

If you have an extraordinary talent in a particular subject, it would be wise to study for the AP subject test in that field. The AP tests show a mastery in a particular area, and as such, they are much more in depth than the ACT or SAT. They also give you the ability to showcase more unusual academic talents, such as language or music ability. A good score on an AP test can also get you college credit and allow you to pass to a more advanced college course.

Individual experiences can also be helpful in showing college readiness. Your application can talk about the work or personal experiences you’ve had that motivated you and prepared you to enter higher education. Admissions officers want to see that you are serious about entering university and are ready to commmit to a challengin learning environment. For more information on some of the tricks to being accepted to university without a high school degree, visit the following website.


In summary, a GED is not what will make your criminal justice application successful. Showcase what you’ve learned since leaving high school, and you will have a higher chance of success in being accepted.  To learn more about obtaining a criminal justice degree, please click here.