Criminal Justice Scholarships

When you decide to pursue a degree in criminal justice, you should try to prepare as much as possible for the burden of tuition and living expenses that you will face. Pursuing a degree in criminal justice is a very costly endeavor. You can end up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt if you do not adequately plan your education. It is essential for you to plan out your education and attempt to save as much money as possible. Applying for grants and scholarships before you attend college can help you cut down on the cost of a criminal justice degree program. Here are some major scholarships that you should consider.

Organization Scholarships

There are many criminal justice organizations that attempt to promote the highest standards of conduct and professionalism in the field of criminal justice. Organizations like The William L. Simon/Anderson Publishing Outstanding Student Paper Award are aimed at provoking students to think about current issues in the criminal justice system. A student will submit a paper in this contest, and he or she will receive a cash award for having the winning paper. There are also sheriffs’ associations that also try to cut down on the cost of education for students pursuing criminal justice degrees. The Sheriff’s Institute Scholarship program is a popular program that provides up to $500 to a student at each community college in New York.

Internship Programs

There are now federal agencies that are providing substantial scholarships to students who provide internship hours to the agency. This is beneficial, because a student can earn a substantial scholarship and experience during his or her time in college. The Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service Program is one of the leading programs that provides students with a stipend of $8,000. Students will also have their lodging and food completely paid for during the program. Students will work in an information assurance position, and they must be studying a field that relates to criminal justice, technology or science.

Minority Scholarships

If you are the member of a group that has been underrepresented in the law enforcement or judicial fields, then you may be able to receive a scholarship for pursuing a criminal justice degree. The Women in Federal Law Enforcement organization provides scholarships to women who plan on pursuing a career in law enforcement. A woman must be recommended by a member of the WIFLE organization. The winning applicants will receive up to $1,500 to put toward their education. The Out to Protect organization is another one that provides scholarships to underrepresented individuals in law enforcement. This organization provides scholarships for people who identify as bisexual, lesbian or gay members of society. Not only do individuals receive a scholarship from this organization, but they will also be paired with a mentor from a law enforcement agency. The goal of this program is to provide positive influences in the lives of individuals who want to enter law enforcement and identify as homosexual.