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What is Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice involves the study of the laws, policies, and procedures that govern crime. When you pursue the study of criminal justice, you will learn about the law enforcement system. You will also learn about those individuals who serve as judges in the judicial system. Criminal justice involves understanding how the legal system intersects with the law enforcement system. Lawyers also play a very important role in prosecuting or defending a person who has been arrested by a police officer.

Why Study Criminal Justice?

Those who pursue the study of criminal justice will usually want to become a part of law enforcement. They may wish to become a K9 officer, police officer, parole officer or probation officer. Some people simply find the study of criminal justice fascinating, since they have dreams of someday advocating for changes in the criminal justice system. They may also wish to pursue a law degree so that they can work to amend various laws that affect the criminal justice system.

The Use of Criminal Justice in Society

Criminal justice plays a very important role in the functioning of society. Because of the notion that criminal justice does exist in our society, individuals are able to be accorded a fair trial. The goal of each party that is involved in the arrest of an individual is to accord him or her the rights of due process. A person is entitled to receive a fair trial in our society. However, a person’s right to receive a fair trial can be compromised when the laws are not applied in an adequate fashion to his or her case. A person may also have been subject to an illegal search or seizure.

Careers in Criminal Justice

Those who want to obtain a certification to become police officers should pursue a degree in criminal justice. A person will have to pursue a four-year degree program in order to gain a knowledge of criminal justice. If one wants to work in the court system, then he or she will need to know the laws that affect the prosecution of a criminal. He or she will also need to know the legal rights that victims in those cases have. One who wants to be a special investigator for the FBI may also find a degree in criminal justice to be helpful. One may also be able to pursue a specialized area of interest in a criminal justice major. One may be able to study forensic psychology or sociology. It can also be interesting to take courses that study jury selection and how jury members can be influenced during a trial.

Criminal Justice Courses

When you pursue a degree in criminal justice, you will pursue the study of criminal law and court systems. The majority of your cases will focus on criminology and the methods that police officers must use in arresting individuals. You may also take legal writing courses to expose you to the documents that must be submitted during a trial.